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Welcome to Ontacad, we connect chemical buyers with suppliers to create the faster and smarter way to purchase and sell chemicals in the Middle East.

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Ftric is the world's first chemical social marketplace where customers can buy and sell chemicals from trusted businesses to save money and time and accomplish their tasks faster than ever before.


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Ftric connects chemical buyers with suppliers to simplify the complexities of chemical trade to save time and money. We aim to reshape the global chemical industry by overcoming challenges and removing barriers to buying and selling chemicals faster, easier, and better.

We create a global professional marketplace and network to create the next chemical industry revolution by combining social selling, digital marketing, simple payment processes, and advanced technology into one marketplace.

For Chemical Buyers

Ftric is your all-in-one shop for chemicals


Fast Fulfillment

Explore high-quality products. With a growing community of chemical suppliers, we offer a variety of grades, purity, prices, delivery dates, and more for each product.


Be More Productive!

It is that easy! Now is the best moment to stop wasting time calling several companies or waiting for long responses from sales representatives to receive a price quote.


Cost Reduction

When you purchase on Ftric, you’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer or supplier. No markups from the middleman mean lower prices and more savings for you.

For Chemical Suppliers

We simplify the chemical purchasing process


Increase Sales

Discover new ways to generate more revenue online and increase your monthly income by connecting with new and valuable buyers. New markets and increased sales right at your fingertips.


Get Paid Fast

Take your sales to the next level. If you can ship it, we’ll handle the rest. All suppliers are paid within days of orders being delivered. Discover new ways to save time and effort for your business growth.


A Better Way to Grow

Let Ftric be your digital marketing agency. We help you handle the hard parts of your marketing strategy such as SEO, digital marketing, and payment processing, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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We have a solution for every chemical business in the Middle East

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    Build your brand with us. Join our waitlist to register your account and engage with Ftric members who are waiting to trade today!

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    Start Chemical Trade

    Once your account is approved, you can start a simple chemical trade with trusted chemical buyers and suppliers to find the best deals.

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    Grow Your Business

    A wide range of products, fast shipping, and secure payments, helps your business grow faster and stand out from your competitors.

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